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Diado Gaming
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September 2011
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Dan Powderhill
Game Design and Development

Alice Sherrin
Press, PR and Marketing


Diado Gaming is a small independent games development studio based in Brighton, United Kingdom, comprised of Dan Powderhill and Alice Sherrin.

Diado Gaming are very, very passionate about their games and the indie gaming industry in general. They are also completely self-funded, which means they don’t have any investors to answer to and can focus on producing the games that they really want to work on. It also means that budgets are incredibly tight, and that every single sale is celebrated as if it’s a lottery win.



Early History

Diado Gaming was founded in September, 2011 by Dan Powderhill as an escape from the drudgery of 17 years of corporate coding and design. The studio’s first game, a tile matching puzzler titled ‘Hexxor’, was developed as a side project while Dan was working as a freelance software engineer in the Formula 1 racing industry, and was released in July, 2012 through IndieVania.

Alice Sherrin joined the studio to look after the PR and marketing side of the business shortly after the release of Hexxor, as Dan decided to focus on the Diado Gaming full-time.

Electro Bobble

Diado Gaming’s next project was the substantially more ambitious ‘Electro Bobble’, a procedurally generated vertical bullet-hell platformer.

During development, Electro Bobble received praise from the press, with Alex Wilkinson of The Indie Game Magazine saying “Electro Bobble is shaping up to be quite a formidable bullet-hell platformer!”

Electro Bobble was released in February, 2013 through FireFlower Games. Based on initial feedback, a series of balance changes were then introduced, resulting in a much improved experience for more casual players whilst retaining challenge for more dedicated players. Positive reviews followed, averaging a review score of 8 / 10, with a number of websites selecting Electro Bobble as their featured / recommended game.


Following the release of Electro Bobble, Diado Gaming turned their focus to development of an earlier prototype – a retro, music-based game called ‘Equaliser’.

Equaliser is a retro side-scrolling game that crosses genres and has a modern twist – the levels are generated by the player’s music collection!

Equaliser features:

  • Fast-paced gameplay with levels generated entirely by the currently playing song.
  • Players can choose from their own tracks, or use one of the great tracks provided with the game.
  • Collect different score items and power-ups whilst avoiding the dangerous items and trying not to hit the walls.
  • Choose from one of many customisable graphic EQ backgrounds to change the look of the game! Add new EQ backgrounds through the use of plug-ins.
  • Play with up to 4 players on the same computer in multi-player party mode, or use visualiser mode when you just want some pretty graphics to go with your music!



Electro Bobble

Media Packs

Combined Media Pack – all 3 media packs and the logo pack (.zip, 189MB)

Equaliser Media Pack (.zip, 162MB)

Electro Bobble Media Pack (.zip, 67MB)

Hexxor Media Pack (.zip, 353KB)

Diado Gaming Logo Pack (.zip, 346KB)



Equaliser Pre-Alpha Trailer (June 2013) – YouTube | Download

Equaliser Preview – Pre-Alpha (2012) – YouTube | Download

Electro Bobble v1.0.3 Trailer (2013) – YouTube | Download

Dan Powderhill Interview (Indie Hotline, 2012) – YouTube




Equaliser Title Screen Equaliser Speed Menu Equaliser Speed Menu

Equaliser Gameplay Equaliser Gameplay Equaliser Gameplay

Equaliser Gameplay Equaliser Multiplayer Equaliser Multiplayer

Equaliser Play Menu Equaliser Score Screen Equaliser Visualiser Plug-in

Equaliser Visualisation Plug-in

Electro Bobble

Electro Bobble Screen Shot Electro Bobble Screen Shot Electro Bobble Screen Shot

Electro Bobble Screen Shot Electro Bobble Screen Shot Electro Bobble Screen Shot


Hexxor Screen Shot Hexxor Screen Shot Hexxor Screen Shot


Dan and Nick Marshall of Mastertronic at Eurogamer 2012 Dan and Alex Wilkinson of Indie Game Magazine at Eurogamer 2012



Diado Gaming Logo

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