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About The Developer

Equaliser is developed by Diado Gaming, a small independent games development studio based in Brighton, United Kingdom.

We are very, very passionate about our games and the indie gaming industry in general. We are also completely self-funded, which means we don’t have any investors to answer to and can focus on producing the games that we really want to work on, which is important to us. It also means that our budgets are incredibly tight, and that every single sale is celebrated as if it’s a lottery win.

Who Are We?

Diado Gaming is currently comprised of two people:

  • Dan – Dan has been gaming since the days of the ZX Spectrum (gotta love rubber keys!) and a software engineer for almost as long. For years he worked as a graphic designer and corporate code monkey before starting his own one-man company developing specialised software for the Formula 1 racing industry. Still unsatisfied despite how cool the F1 industry can be, he started Diado Gaming in 2011 with the aim of producing games that both he and everyone else would love to play, and having lots of fun doing it. Diado Gaming is now his full-time focus.

    Favourite Games: FTL, Hotline Miami, Limbo, R-Type, Xenon, Minecraft, League of Legends, CounterStrike: Source

  • Alice – Alice has not been gaming quite as long as Dan, but still remembers the cheat for Sonic The Hedgehog on the Master System! (up, down, left, right, A+C, START!) She is the PR girl, and the super talky one of the Diado Gaming clan. Previously Alice has worked in all kinds of jobs, mostly fundraising for charity on the phone, but a change of pace was needed and she is now focused on Diado Gaming’s success.

    Favourite Games: Binding of Isaac, Hotline Miami, League of Legends, The Sims

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    You can find out more about Diado Gaming on our website:, and follow our updates on Twitter: @DiadoGaming.