Equaliser Pre-Release

We’ll be making Equaliser available to the public, pre-release, using the increasingly popular “alpha funding” model.

Why Alpha Funding?

Alpha funding has significant advantages, both for players and developers…

As a Player

  • Pre-order the game at a highly discounted rate compared to the final release price
  • Play the development builds of the game before it is released
  • Get priveleged access to forums to discuss the game with other players and the developer themselves
  • Suggest changes, tweaks and new features that you’d like to see.

As a Developer

  • High quality feedback from players who really want to play the game
  • A gauge of how much serious interest there is in the game
  • Creation of, and a high level of interaction with, a community of players for the game
  • Higher potential for word-of-mouth recommendations

What is Equaliser?

Equaliser is a retro side-scrolling skill game with a difference! Not only does it use your own music collection as its soundtrack, but also uses it to generate the level structure, difficulty and visual intensity of the game – you literally play your music!

Equaliser Features

Here’s a quick overview of some of the features that we’re planning for Equaliser:

  • Level generation based entirely on your music collection
  • A vivid and exciting visual experience, linked closely to the mood of the song you are listening to
  • Local single and multi-player – play against up to 3 of your friends using the keyboard or Xbox controller. Great for parties!
  • Local and internet scoreboards – see your personal best scores for a song, or see how you’ve done against other players playing the same songs all over the world
  • Play a single song, or a whole playlist
  • Customisable background graphic visualisations – add new background graphics created by the gaming community through the use of visualisation plug-ins
  • Visualiser mode – use Equaliser as a music player with full graphic visualisation provided by the visualisation plug-ins

Equaliser Screenshots

Equaliser Title Screen Equaliser Speed Menu

Equaliser Speed Menu Equaliser Gameplay

Equaliser Gameplay Equaliser Gameplay

Equaliser Gameplay Equaliser Multiplayer

Equaliser Multiplayer Equaliser Play Menu

Equaliser Score Screen Equaliser Visualiser Plug-in

Equaliser Visualisation Plug-in